The Sunflower House: Coming 11/12/24

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Family secrets come to light as a young woman fights to save herself, and others, in a Nazi-run baby factory―a real-life Handmaid’s Tale―during World War II.

The Sunflower House, my debut novel, is the story of Allina Strauss, an ordinary young woman living under extraordinary circumstances in 1930s Germany. After losing everyone she loves, she’s forced into service as a nurse at a Nazi baby factory called Hochland Home.

At Hochland Home, Allina uncovers the horrors of Heinrich Himmler’s ruthless eugenics program. When she discovers the neglect occurring within the home, she’s determined not only to save herself, but also the children in her care. To do so, Allina must join forces with an unlikely ally—Karl von Strassberg, an SS officer with secrets of his own. The two must decide how much they are willing to share with each other and how much they can stand to risk as they join forces to save as many children as they can.

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The Sunflower House

I love books that start conversations.

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember.

All books, mind you. I’m not picky about genre, and there’s a place in my library for everything. Historical, suspense, horror, romance, YA, fantasy, women’s fiction, sci-fi, western. I’m an equal opportunity book lover. A gourmand.

But my favorite books, the ones I share with friends, have always been those that start conversations—stories that break my heart and challenge the way I think. Books with unlikely heroes who persist and triumph, against all odds. Ones with a moral center that keep me up at night, debating characters and plot twists over coffee or a great meal. These are the novels that stay with me, long after the last page. As an author, these are the types of books I’ve tried to write–and it’s been quite the journey! Learn more about the pursuit of publication in my blog.